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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Grant   Pre-Trial Services   812-231-6282
Megyn   Pre-Trial Services   812-231-6282
Michelle   Pre-Trial Services   812-231-6282
Allen, Susan Criminal Court Reporter Vigo Superior Court Division V    
Allen, Terri Court Reporter Vigo Superior Court Division V    
Allsup, Nancy Council Member County Council  
Alvis, Jody Legal Secretary Prosecutor  
Augburn, Don Operations Specialist Sheriff's Office    
Austin, Jo G. Deputy Clerk     812-462-3215 x 7484
Auterson, Jamie Legal Secretary, Division 4 Prosecutor  
Bales, Amanda Environmental Health Supervisor/Assistant Administrator Environmental Health 812-462-3281
Barnes, Judith Family Nutrition Program Assistant Purdue Extension Service Vigo County 812-462-3371
Bartlett, Laura Independent Living Coordinator Homes For Children   812-462-3256
Bays, Terry Building Commissioner Building Inspections Department  
Bean, Tona Chief Deputy Treasurer Treasurer  
Bechtel, Teresa Insurance Billing Clerk Health Clinic 812-462-3431
Bell, James Deputy Assessor Harrison Township Assessor 812-462-3271 x 5629
Bird, Mark D.   Dept. of Weights & Measures 812-462-3349
Boland, Jennifer   Engineering  
Bolk, David Judge     812-462-3241
Bradley, Jason Mechanic HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT    
Bramble, Jim County Auditor Auditor  
Brown, Emily 4-H Youth Development Educator Purdue Extension Service Vigo County 812-462-3371
Browne, Pam Drug Court Tech. Drug Court   812-462-3291 x 7134
Staff 1-25 of 230